Refrigeration table and Baccart cover

Refrigeration table and Baccart cover

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Refrigeration table and Baccart cover

The refrigerated table is an alternative to arterial embalming making it ideal for green funerals or where arterial embalming is not requested. The mobility of the table enables it to be easily transported to a residence where the deceased can be viewed in natural bed-like surround. The cooling of the table should be noticeable within 15 minutes and maintained at 12˚c until the machine is turned off.  Any condensation is collected in a removable draw. The table consists of three plates, two are cooling plates. The overall folded dimensions 120 cm x 74cm unfolded 190cm x 74 cm. The table height 57cm with the head plate adjustable to 70cm. Overall weight 50 Kg. Permissible load 230 Kg.


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