Let Your Love Grow Kit

Let Your Love Grow Kit

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Let Your Love Grow Kit

An environmentally friendly way to create a living memorial using cremated ashes. When mixed with the kit's organic matter, ashes are rendered safe for scattering, burial or interment. With a lowered pH and sodium level the resulting mixture will nourish rather than harm plants and grasses. Suitable for use with newer or older ashes, including pets. All packaging is biodegradable and recyclable. Product is NZ made.
Scattering:  For optimal results product and ash mixture must sit for at least 90 days prior to scattering.
The size of kit required depends on the amount of cremation ash being used, please use the following as a guide:
Small Kit- 1 cup of ash
Medium Kit- 2 cups of ash
Large Kit - 3 cups of ash
XLarge Kit - Entire amount of ashes 
Ground Burial:  Please use the above guide to determine the size of kit required.
Planting:  Depending on the memorial to be planted, please use the following guide to determine the size of kit required:
Small Kit - Houseplants
Medium Kit - Large container for patio or indoor use
Large Kit - Bush, perennial or small tree
XLarge Kit - Tree
Let Your Love Grow kits are supplied with instructions.
Available in 4 sizes.
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