Veloxin For Jaundice Arterial Fluid

Veloxin For Jaundice Arterial Fluid

Brand: H. S. Eckels & Company
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Veloxin For Jaundice Arterial Fluid

Veloxin for Jaundice arterial, 9.5 index, will bleach out jaundice discolouration and continue to work after injection is complete. Use 1-2 cap fills of Eckels Kosme-Tint as directed when mixing the fluid to give the body the desired appearance. Hypodermic Veloxin for Jaundice or apply as a pack to bleach out surface discolourations such as purpura, black eyes, etc. This versatile product can be applied over shiny surface areas of edema bodies to restore the integrity of the skin.

Eckels products are free of Phenolics and Glutaraldehyde.


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